Charlene Bernard said Indigenous history is ‘our collective history, it’s not a separate history’. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada wants the provincial educational systems and post-secondary education systems across Canada teaching Indigenous education to Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. Bearhead said Indigenous history is Canadian history and it’s important Canadians learn Indigenous history, culture and the legacy and history of residential schools.

“One of the impacts of residential schools is the broken relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people,” said Bearhead. Bearhead said it’s important to understand the past struggles for the Indigenous students might rest in the misinformation about their culture in classrooms. “How do you focus on your achievements when your very identity, who you are as a human being is under attack or misrepresented all the time,” said Bearhead. She said she hopes that Canada as a whole gets behind educating Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

By: Oscar Baker III / CBC News; Photo: Sam Martin