The John Howard Society is an organization which exists to promote and support healthy and safe communities, by mobilizing partners and engaging families and individuals, while addressing the social conditions that give rise to crime.

The John Howard Society actively promotes policy and legislation that creates and maintains just, peaceful and safe communities. The Society recommends policies, which recognize the limitations of the criminal justice system to prevent crime and victimization and attempts to identify and promote the benefits of alternative prevention initiatives. The Society is active in advocacy, research, community education, coalition building and resource development and is a major partner with government departments in the development and implementation of services which fall within the provincial anti-poverty, mental health, anti-violence and criminal justice strategies.

The John Howard Society has developed and provided the highest quality of evidence based program services which meet the diverse needs of clients, their families and the community. Recognized by the National Crime Prevention Centre for its reputation of sustaining crime prevention through social development activities, the JHS remains active in its commitment to issues of local concern, investment in capacity building and partnerships and the sharing of resources.