The John Howard Society promotes the ‘capacity’ of local NB communities, through the development of of JHS coalitions, Affiliates and Branches, to develop, implement and sustain their own solutions to problems in a way that helps them shape and exercise control over their physical, social, economic and cultural environments.

This process is continuous and a long term commitment of the Provincial Society, taking a community led, “bottom-up” and strength based approach involving key local leaders with a strong commitment to social justice and social change.

Through community capacity building the Society:

  • Enhances diverse and inclusive community participation throughout First Nations, Anglophone and Francophone NB communities
  • Encourages a shared understanding and vision
  • Promotes a strategic community agenda
  • Facilitates consistent, tangible progress toward community goals

  • Promotes resource sharing within communities
  • Assists in the development of effective community organizations – JHS Affiliates / Branches across the province

Through capacity building the provincial Society engages in partnership development resulting in: access to knowledge and skills; innovative and proven methodologies; networking and funding opportunities; “best Practice” models for addressing community needs and managing resources; options for organizational governance; strategies for advocacy; government relations and public outreach.

Community Needs Assessments

The Provincial Society assists communities through the provision of resources required for formal and informal community needs assessments to allow for the identification of “real” community needs and the expansion of “need” services within the community.

The Needs assessment has two goals:

  • To develop an informed understanding of the gaps or needs that exist within a community and their impacts upon the community’s members.

  • To develop a detailed analysis of community assets, or resources, that currently exist in the community and can be used to help meet community needs.